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Multiple IntelligencesWorkshop Description

Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MIT) is 30 years old. And has clearly enjoyed great success amongst teachers. In this practical workshop we will first quickly run over the theory’s main tenets, we’ll debunk a few myths (an intelligence is NOT the same thing as a learning style or strategy, for example) and we’ll analyze the theory’s implications for language teachers. But the bulk of the session will focus on the lesser known (and perhaps more intriguing) aspects of the theory such as the Teaching for Understanding framework and the Entry Points. Participants will be invited to share their views and to experience lots of activities they can then try in class with their own students.
Chaz PuglieseTeacher Trainer Biodata

Chaz Pugliese is a Trainer, presenter and author working out of Paris. Chaz has trained teachers In over 30 countries and has presented at all major international conferences. His first book, ‘Being Creative’, was published in 2010 by DELTA. His second book, authored with Zoltan Dornyei and Jane Arnold, is scheduled to come out in 2014 for Helbling Languages. His interests comprise Creativity, Motivational issues, and the Psychology of Language acquisition. Chaz is a keen long distance runner and a not so bad guitarist.

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