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Date: the 31 st of January
Form: II nd
Subject of the lesson: What Day Is It Today?
 Type of lesson: Combined / Mixed lesson
 Specific competence indicators &
 sub competences: Listening: 1.3 Understanding the meaning of words in simple sentences.
 Reading: 3.4 Defining connections between sentences & pictures that go which them.
Spoken Interaction: 2.5 Reproducing a simple short song in English. Teaching aims: Communicative aims: • Understanding words in context;
• Increasing awareness about the sound-letters;
• Increasing awareness about the way we learn vocabulary. Learning aims: By the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
 • Become aware of the way we spell words;
• Pronounce the days of the week as accurately as possible;
• Learn the new vocabulary;
• Read & write some words & sentences;
• Sing a simple short song in English. Skills: • speaking, • reading, • listening • writing. Organizing types: • class work, • group work, • individual work. Aids: • textbooks, • poster, • worksheets; • CD player & CD. THE STAGES OF THE LESSON PROCEDURE Activity 1 Interaction: T – Ss Timing: 5min WARM-UP The pupils receive four ”trees” and papers of different colours with the months of the year written on them. They have to stick the papers on each tree according to each season. All the trees will be arranged by seasons on a panel in front of the classroom. (Annex 1) Activity 2 Interaction: T - Ss; Ss -T; Timing: 5 min CHECKING OF PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE The pupils repeat the seasons and the months describing the trees, one by one. The pupils read the exercise (ex.2, page 53, WB) that they had as homework and the teacher corrects it, if necessary. Activity 3 Interaction: T – Ss Timing: 5 min FORMULATION OF THE SUBJECT The teacher announces the title of the new lesson – What Day Is It Today? and the learning aims. The teacher writes the title of the lesson on the blackboard. The pupils write the title and date in their copybooks. Activity 4 Interaction: T - Ss; Ss - T; Ss-Ss Timing: 20 min COMMUNICATION OF KNOWLEDGE (PRESENTATION) The teacher introduces the new vocabulary (written on handouts) concerning the days of the week. The pupils repeat the words after the teacher, and then they read alone one by one. ( Annex 2) The teacher initiates a conversation with the students asking them some questions as:  “What’s your favourite school day?”  “What day of the week is today?”  ”What day of the week was yesterday?”  ”What day of the week will be tomorrow?”  ”What is the first (the second, the seventh…) day of the week?” The T divides the class into four groups & gives each group a set of worksheets with sentences & pictures that they have to match correctly. (Ex. On Monday I get up. = the picture that illustrates this action…). They have 3 minutes to do it. The team that finishes first & matches correctly all the sentences with the pictures is the winner. Then the pupils read the sentences & show the pictures. After that the teacher asks questions as: ”When does read, play etc.? ( 2 minutes) (Annex 3) The T proposes to do exercise 4, page 57. The pupils play the game: Odd-Man-Out. In pairs the pupils will have to identify which of the following words doesn’t belong. They will be asked to state their reason (5 minutes).After the pairs will have made their reasons, the class will compare & correct them if necessary (2 minutes). Activity 5 Interaction: T – Ss; Ss – T; Timing: 8 min FIXATION OF KNOWLEDGE (PRACTICE AND PRODUCTION) The T teaches the pupils a new song: The days of the week. The Ss receive the lyrics, listen to the tape and sing along. Dream English Days of the Week Chant Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (repeat) Touch your head, touch your shoulders Touch your knees, touch your toes! Thursday, Friday, Saturday, a week (repeat) Touch your eyes, touch your ears Touch your mouth, touch your nose! Today is..., Tomorrow is..., Yesterday was..., a day (repeat) Say hello, say hello wave your hands and say hello! (Annex 4) Activity 6 Interaction: T - Ss Timing: 1 min EVALUATION The T appreciates the work of the students and rewards the most active ones with good marks. Activity 7 Interaction: T - Ss; Timing: 1 min HOMEWORK The T writes on the blackboard the pupils' homework for the following lesson (exercise 2 & 3 page 54, WB) & gives explanations about how to do it.

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